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Choosing the right teat - My MAM Baby
Choosing the right teat - My MAM Baby

Tips & Advices Choosing the right teat

Choosing a right teat

While choosing the right feeding bottle for your baby, you need to find the correct corresponding teat as well. These two go hand in hand and complement each other perfectly. Are you finding it difficult and confused to choose which teat to get your baby? Don’t be as we are here to assist you. Our MAM teats are a good option as they are safe, of high quality and have a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Milk bottle teats come in different sizes and material. The different sizes allow for different liquid flow when drinking and is according to the baby’s age. As & when you see the baby is agitated when sucking as if they’re not getting enough milk, it’s probably because the teat flow is too slow for them indicating it’s time to upgrade to the next teat size.

Here are some guidelines to use when choosing a teat for your baby.

1) Material
The teat material should be BPA/BPS free, smooth & soft like mom’s skin to make it easier for the baby to suckle. Silicone teat is firm and durable while latex is softer but does not last as long. Some babies can be allergic to latex. Regardless of the material, teats are best replaced every one to two months, or immediately when you notice it changing colour and becoming harder, has bite marks or any other damage. MAM teats are designed to be as soft as mom’s skin so it is easier for babies to accept it.

2) Shape
The teat shape matters, and they come in various shapes and sizes. The ideal teat should mimic the mother’s nipple especially if you are breastfeeding as not to cause any nipple confusion. New shapes and designs are constantly found in the market as producers are persistently trying to get the most effective design to imitate the mother’s breast. There are also the anti-colic teats which reduce air flow while drinking and prevent any wind issues in your baby. MAM teats are shaped just like mom’s nipple while breastfeeding and are anti-colic.

3) Flow rate & Teat size
The flow rate and teat size should correspond with the age of your baby. In the beginning, a slow flow teat is ideal. As the baby grows, change the teat to match the drinking capacity of your baby. If you notice your baby is uncomfortable and agitated while drinking, it is probably because of the slow milk flow. It would be best to upsize to the next teat size. However, if you observe that your baby is sputtering and choking, it may indicate the flow is too fast for your baby so it would be best to downsize to a slower flow teat.

If you are wondering on how to choose the right MAM teat size for your baby, below is a general guideline that you can follow.

i. Teat Size 0: Extra slow flow and is suitable for newborns. It is incredibly soft and mimics the shape of a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding hence does not cause nipple confusion.

ii. Teat Size 1: Slow flow and is suitable for newborns. However, it has a slightly more sturdy, faster flow compared to teat size 0. It is soft and mimics the shape of a mother’s nipple while breastfeeding hence does not cause nipple confusion.

iii. Teat Size 2: Medium flow and is suitable from 2 months onwards. It has a faster flow than teat size 1. Baby can still suckle on mother’s breast and back onto a milk bottle with no nipple confusion. You should maintain Size 2 if you want to continue breastfeeding for longer. If you have stopped breastfeeding, you could still use Size 2 as it is best for the suckling which helps with teeth, tongue, and jaw development. It is also ideal for formula milk feeding.

iv. Teat Size 3: Fast flow and is suitable from 4 months onwards. Change to this size if you want a faster flow for your baby but bear in mind your baby may not accept this size if he enjoys breastfeeding. If your baby accepts the size 3 teat, it is likely he may stop breastfeeding as your baby will want to drink at a faster pace and may find the breastfeeding flow is too slow for him.

v. Spill-free: Fast flow and is suitable from 4 months onwards. It is the same size as Teat size 3 but should be used during your baby’s first independent drinking attempt. It is spill-free hence prevents the baby from making a mess!

vi. Size X: Extra fast flow and is suitable from 6 months onwards. This is the fastest flow, particularly suitable for thicker liquids like formula milk, juices etc.

In essence, you should choose the right teat according to your baby’s age and drinking patterns. The different teats allow for proper jaw movement during sucking which then helps with teeth, jaw & mouth development in your baby. MAM teats are designed to match your little one’s needs for optimal comfort and minimal fuss while drinking. Rest assured, you will never go wrong with MAM!

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