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MAM Quality & Safety | My MAM Baby
MAM Quality & Safety | My MAM Baby

MAM Quality & Safety

We are pioneers, leaders and safety experts

Our work with medical experts

All MAM Baby products are based on the very latest medical research. Every single MAM innovation is developed in a partnership with all the relevant experts: our in-house research & development team and more than 30 medical partners with whom we cooperate on a global scale. This includes physicians (paediatricians and dentists), midwives, developmental educators, and scientists.

As a team, we continuously improve our products and share our knowledge by making study results available to healthcare professionals around the world.

Good is not good enough!

What are our bottles, pacifiers, and oral care products made of? It all boils down to safety and quality as our number one priority when we choose materials for our products. As our general principle, we only use food-grade materials for any products related to baby feeding as well as any products babies might take it in their mouth. In addition to that, all products undergo rigorous testing and have to pass strict quality control processes before they are ready to be used.

From the many raw materials available, MAM selects only those few that have a proven track record as the most suitable, safest, and highest quality materials. 98% of all the plastic materials used by MAM can be classified into two categories: polypropylene and silicone. With glass bottles and PPSU bottles we also offer alternatives to polypropylene bottles. As a research-based company, we are also constantly evaluating and testing new materials so that we can always meet and exceed the highest standards that must apply to all MAM Baby products.

Safety is our priority!

MAM is setting the standard when it comes to quality management & and testing in the baby products industry. We do not just meet the highest requirements for baby products, we exceed them!

All MAM products must pass exceptionally strict quality control processes and testing procedures. MAM pacifiers are subjected to 40 different testing methods, bottles need to pass 28 separate tests. This includes squeezing, biting, stretching and freezing to name just a few of our tests. Like in their real-world usage, bottles are thrown on the floor many of times, cooked for hours and washed hundreds of times in a dishwasher! Only if each and every item of our long testing and quality control checklists is passed, a new product makes it to the shelf.

Did you know…?


Product tests per year are carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of MAM Baby products.

The EU Product Safety Award

MAM has been honoured with the EU Product Safety Award. This award compliments businesses that put consumer safety at their forefront.

In 2019, MAM received a “Special Mention” for setting and exceeding product safety standards for pacifiers and baby feeding equipment. This is exceptional because this award is normally only attributed to a single product – not a whole product range. MAM’s leading role in developing safety standards and our active contribution in raising safety levels throughout the industry is therefore formally recognized by the European Union’s executive branch.

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